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• About RocknRollin •

Paris based ROCKNROLLIN was originally founded in 2008 by a team of friends coming from different backgrounds.

Inspired as well by the universe of the 80’s skateboarding, Marcel Duchamp work, the universe of the Hell’s Angels and champion Bernard Hinault, they have been joining forces during three years through their passion for Cycling.

Observing with distance the current “Fixed gear Mania”, RnR was overwhelmed by the success of its wild urban rides and shortly acquired a nice notoriety among Parisian riders around 2008.

They organized several and already -classic- costumed rides which impacted the young history of Fixie in France: « Les Bronzés »,Karaoke Ride, The Beaujolais« , « El Amigo ride », The Ghost ride« Satan Klaus« , etc.

As much always ending with a glass of beer in hand or an improvised meal, gathering more of a hundred of die hard enthousiasts from all age and practice level.

True activists, they organized some projections of American movies like Council of Doom and Death Pedal (#1 and #2), starring Californian director Kareem Shehab.

It was the occasion to propose a new type of parties mixing drinks, movies and RocknRollaz (Home trainers races), a discipline inspired from the Goldsprint competitions in NYC.

The biggest one happened on a boat in the center of Paris during the « Eté d’Amour » party in June 2010 featuring music by French band Cassius.

It was a massive success with more than 100 participants.

Supporting their friends from the vintage French rendez-vous “La Patrimoine”, they also take part in other -vintage- events like L’Eroica, Anjou Vélo Vintage, etc.

With their strong graphic identity, they’ve collaborated with international brands (VAGX Messenger bags from Korea and of course CINELLI the legendary Italian cycle manufacturer).

Impassioned by the cyclist heritage they were also the first to revisit the great Classics but with fixed gear (Paris-Roubaix, Milan San- Remo, Tour des Flandres…), with support (equipement) provided by brands like CinelliRapha, Knog or Vans.

Surfing on the success of the Fixed Gear phenomenon, the Medias got interested in their activities too:

From TV : Paris Dernière, Kombini “Street Mapper”

To Magazines : Clark, Kultorama, GQ France, Le Monde, Metro London, A Nous Paris, Steel Magazine


More into road bicycles, four years after it’s creation, RocknRollin handed over the collective rides & events concept to new teams still involved in the Fixed scene.

The 15 members took different paths.

Nowadays, RocknRollin is much more like a -Labelized Name- running as an open team concept, leaded by a 3 riders hardcore riding road bicycles and inviting people on new projects.

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