Anjou Vélo Vintage 2012

On june 23-24 we took part in the 2nd edition of Anjou Vélo Vintage in Saumur.

Perfectly managed (well done!);

We are really proud to have been invited once again : it was such a pleasure !

Thanks again and again to Pierre Jean Drouet form AVV and to all the team.

We took the train from Paris in the early saturday morning with our friends Ugly Mely & Damien + our Girlz favorite Gang “The DeglinGirlz” including the infamous paparazette Caro ;).

(This year we were a team of 15 friends! / Total mess in the train / no comment).


We arrived for lunch time and we were nicely invited to the press luncheon where we had the chance to drink really nice wines and ate cool food.

We staid…hours….under the sun…drinking….we staid…we drank…we closed the place…drunk. (ouch!)


Red as monkey asses, we went back to the “village” where were taking place (as last year) several shows, resellers (as our great friends The Savarino family from La Bicyclette and Vélorama / showing some beautiful bicycles as usual)…

Chillin around we watched the “Concours d’élégance“.

Food x Several bottles x Sun = MAY DAY !


We went back to the place we were staying to get some rest but we saw there was a swimming pool.

Surprise !!! A -free entrance- oasis oustide… with a great view on a beautiful Castle.

But nobody had a swimsuit ! Too bad….

But NOT for US !

The “daughter of Satan” A.K.A “Amytiville” A.K.A Constance threw her stuff away and jumped in !

Panties fiesta / straight in the water with beers!


After hours swimming…we decided to go back to the “village” where we’ve waited for dinner time.

We had a -great- moment at the restaurant : 30 people shouting at our table, hacking the songs of the two guys trying  to make a “concert”…


DeglinGirlz went mad !

Sophie laid on people’s legs to reach the end of the table rollin, Pounky started a water fight in the middle of people having a family dinner !



I was looking for a way to disappear like in the Great Escape during the whole dinner because the restaurant owner (The Captain) asked for the “table president” when we arrived.

Everybody snitched on me saying I WAS ! (Hate you guys!) so he promised me a special ending (wtf !?)

I finished with a champagne bucket on my head forced to say stupid things…drinking… in front of everybody … shame. (Heard there was some pictures and movies about that…take it easy guys!)


This first day was greaaaat! We went back to sleep a little bit.

8am (4hours sleeping) : a short breakfast and we went to the “race” departure.


Hopefully the rain never shown up and it was a pleasure to see hundreds of people (around 1600 subscribed / 500 last year), all these vintage bikes, great outfits, old vehicles etc.

Nice ride with great landscapes, nice checkpoints etc. but it was impossible for us (x15) to reach the end as we wanted (and we had a train to catch early)


But we also spent too much time drinking at the checkpoints and at this cool lunch stop @ Le Château de Montsoreau…so we did a cut on our way back to Saumur (same way as in the morning).

Special thanks to Jean-philippe Onillon who saved me with his amazing old buick !

(I finish the last kilometers in his car because I got two flats and nothing more to fix my bike)

Thanks again to all the AVV Team, to Julien Rideau, to The Savarino and to everybody !!!


Check out the great pictures Caro did OVER HERE

Romain’s pictures

Caro’s pictures

Stefano’s pictures

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