Hawaii (Big Island) : Mauna Kea climb

We’ve visited THE monster on monday…

The Mauna Kea / 13779feet (4200m).

(I think it’s gonna be one of the worst frustration in my life)

There was a great weather excepted a strong wind from beside and front.
It’s a though climb, but I was determined to go to the top.
I made a stop at 9000feet (2743m), at the Mauna Kea Visitor Information Station, where we were supposed to have a pic-nic with the family & kids.
But there came the trouble:

From here, there are around 5mile on gravels, and you are supposed to need a 4×4 car.
By the way, rentals don’t allow you to go there with their cars.
Usually riders go in the cars to avoid this section and get off after it to finish the ride to the top.
Car drivers decided it wasn’t a good idea to try the gravels road with the rental car, so…I couldn’t go to the top breaking a dream in parts (it’s really recommended to have a kind of back up with food, water, wear stuff : Heavy rain, fog, clouds, altitude sickness etc. can come in minutes, and it can be dangerous when you reach this high).
So, going solo…leavin’ the family behind? nah….(Holy s**** It was about 5 more mile only to get there!)
Well it’s holidays as I said, and I was happy to go there by my self and spend time under the sun with the family…
We had a great day going to Hilo after saying Good Bye to Mauna Kea.
But I will have to come back one day…to finish the work

(+More Pictures HERE)

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