Hawaii (Maui): Haleakala climb

Maui was my 2nd stop through the Hawaiian islands.

There, I was planning to climb the second monster : The Haleakala.

It’s an old Volcano/Crater, 10 000feet high, and around 35kms climb (depends from where you start).

It’s less steep as the Mauna Kea, but it’s a longer ride…

I went to climb it last saturday (Nov. 3rd):

Crazy weather with a full sun, excepted in the middle part (as usual it seems) : There I had to ride through the clouds during some kms before catching the sun again and keep it until the top.

And….No wind ! (Perfect!)

Thank you Anne for having wasted half a holiday day with me…

But the top view was worth it, hu?!

(+ More Pictures Here)

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