L’Eroica 2010


We have left Paris by train on October 1rst to Firenze.

Crazy night  (…)

We were supposed to arrive with an heavy rain, but it was sunny as hell!

We had a small tour in Firenze early in the morning and we stopped for a breakfast.

Then we left Firenze to get to Gaiole in chianti (were the Eroica race takes place)

The ride wasn’t easy : only hills, but the landscapes were such awesome !

We arrived in Gaiole and the Eroica Bicycles Flee Market was loaded of people.

We went to the stadium to set up our camping tent and have a shower.

The Eroica race started on sunday morning.

We did the 75kms route with our friends the Savarino’s broz.

Crazy day : more than 3000 participants, crazy styles, cool people, and so many beautiful in the eyes !

The Eroica is just amazing : Tuscany is magic.

We have been hit by the rain when we were reaching the Strada Bianchi : Everyone got dirty but the race became nicer then !

This was such a great week-end !

By the way,

Already called a “Master piece” at le Festival de Cannes 2011 days ago, this movie below will lead you deep in the RocknRollin everyday life.

((It wasn’t easy: the movie was quiet dead : The edit crashed with the computer, we lost all the datas, and finally found them back (some)…)

We are sorry for this -poor- quality (anyway we still love our MiniDV HandyCam), sorry for the subtitles too if there are bad translations (but hey! We did’em for you…foreigners)…

Pop your corns, grab a beer : 31minutes of blast!

Thanks (again) The Savarino (Vélorama) family, Gégé and his GégéMobile, Anne for the help with the old jersey stuff and our friends who didn’t come and left us as dead…

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