Lost in Marne

Great, The Spring is here for real!

Cool to ride along the river (Marne) with a fresh wind (a little bit to windy), a huge sun, flowers everywhere, etc.

Riding in the streets definitely sucks!


I get lost (wrong way near Gournay/Marne (chose north of river at this point / if you ride a roadbike or fixie) :

My ride became a “MountainBike” mission! (And i have been chased by a fuckin crazy huge dog when i cut through a private -hood-!)

Later, a hill finished me :

A “secret” way (abandonned railway tunnel) allows you to avoid climbing in the forest with your bicycle on your back and then found again the river… but it has been closed for security measures.

I tried another way but get lost in deserted fields and my GPS (IPhone) switched off :(

(no more batteries!)

I went back to Paris (easier : wind was helpful), but….I chose the wrong way when entering the city : Get trapped on the Highway!!!

(fucking scary on a sunny sunday : crazy traffic!)

Anyway… 100kms with sun and a touch of countryside…It’s like dreamin’


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