Mont Ventoux (fxd) 2010

Today was the most painful fixed gear ride I had ever experienced :

Climbing The Mont Ventoux from Bedoin.

I saw a lot of guys with road bicycles pushing so hard to get on the top, they seemed doing moonwalks! This was scary!

So, climbing with a fixed gear is like a suicide if you don’t have a smooth ratio.

Anyway, I left with the other cog I had at home which was a 18T and I think it is not the best choice when you have a 46T crank then.

As I’m not a climber, it wasn’t going to be easy at all !

There were no surprise(s), the weather was great (blue sky, sunny and not too warm) and road was tough as excpected (little bit more).

I was on my way climbing through a beautiful forest the first kilometers when I realized I had just left a piece of my left hand skin.

Bad luck : I forgot my gloves at home.

There, you really need your hands because you have to climb on your arms till the end.

It was near Km 10th and it is the worst part. (9 to10,5%).

I had to go on with my hand hurting a lot.

I guess suffering really became part of the game.

When you reach km.15 : No more forest but white rocks : The hill is totally naked!

The lanscape makes you dizzy…

It is “something” to be there…

The last 6kms were like hell but the view was so crazy.

There, you can see the top (still far) and the mountain seems like a big creamy cake.

The curved road seems to cut its head off!

You are the blade and nothing will stop you.
The white rocks are giving such a weird “touch” to the place.

We usually call that a “lunar” (style of) landscape.

It’s so weird!

It seems snowy but it’s not, and this blindy light is like a shield which makes the place “invisible”.

Then you reach the last turn, the last 800m:

Never mind if it’s going harder : your mind get an incredible strenght each meter won.

You are now arriving to the top of Mont Ventoux!

What a reward!

The panorama is just amazing !!!

You feel like being over the top of the earth…

floating upon the valley,


but fragile.

Check my diary for more pictures.

(+more pictures)

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